Go Beyond Traditional Task Management

The Human Capital Management Solution

People are assets whose current value can be measured and future value can be improved through investment

in training and smarter work tools that are integrated within a single platform.

PaT helps every team complete all tasks and goals

What business owners really appreciate is that PaT aligns tactics with strategy. This ensures that what actually happens on the coalface is what they originally intended.


Furthermore, the entire application is presented within one page and all core functions are accessible within two clicks. This makes managing people and tasks, easy.

Pat is a human capital software product as such it helps business owners and managers  realise higher returns on the most important asset, people.


Concurrently, it provides a framework for developing a learning culture which improves staff retention. The PaT platform reinvented task management and changed how organizations train and manage people.

The Human Capital Management Solution

PaT’s vision is to become the conduit between people and the work they need to get done. This vision has been baked into the core of PaT’s technology: from the cloud based web framework (SaaS) which makes interactions feel instantaneous to the responsive dashboard where everyone can create, manage and complete tasks within 2 clicks.  Every aspect of PaT’s product has been designed to enable individuals and teams to focus on common goals by completing every task.



Pat’s Strategy Documents (SD’s) are web based database driven documents that are used to manage groups of people, collections of tasks and ideas, track progress, collaborate and share files, videos and photos all in one place.


Perfect for projects, meetings and staff reviews. You can access SD’s anywhere, anytime on any browser to drive your business with full accountability.

Simplify Management Complexity

  • Business Planning tool
  • Project Management
  • Digital Minute Meeting app
  • Review and comms platform
  • Replace Email



PaT’s Learning Management System (LMS) enables you to develop highly trained employees. The students learning experience can be self-paced or easily configured  (recommended) so that PaT “drives” the learning journey, monitors and manages progress on behalf of supervisors  and escalates non-compliance by exception. Telling PaT to administer this process shifts a significant workload (responsibility and stress) off supervisors and concurrently solves common new employee on-boarding issues.

Win Complex Battles In Your Business

  • Increase Organisational Capability
  • Complete Training System
  • Built in Content Creator
  • Content Management System
  • Task Driven Study + Testing



PaT comes equipped with a powerful real-time task management solution which is unmatched in the market.  PaT is so effective that we guarantee compliance for all your employees critical tasks otherwise your CEO will be alerted.  This is made possible using a set of unique features which are baked into the task management engine.  This capability is supported  by an auto opt-in philosophy, 2-way task deadline negotiation capability and auto escalation.

Collaborate and Complete On Time

  • Comprehensive Task Management
  • Extensive Customisable Audits
  • Task Auto-Escalation
  • Complete Health & Safety Solution

“We needed more than a “tick and flick” system for projects and tasks.

In PaT, not only are our strategies and tasks fully integrated, the auto escalation, comprehension and mobile audits guarantee every task is completed. Now it’s easy for our team of 230+ employees to maintain the highest level of operational capability.”

Brad Lindsay.
CEO. Supply Chain Solutions

that’s why, we use PaT


Leave the setup to us. We’ll take care of the tenancy set-up, configuration for you.


Whether your team use PC or mobile devices, PaT adapts to any device with pixel-perfect design.  


PaT does a lot of the heavy lifting for supervisiors – our mantra is go home early on Friday and with PaT you can.


Professional and easy-to-use platform makes great sense for any startup or SME.


PaT is a human capital software product as such it helps business owners and managers  realise higher returns on the most important asset, people.


PaT aligns tactics with strategy which ensures what actually happens on the cold face is what managers intended.


The culture within “Teams” are enhanced with the simple yet effective  gamification tools, all built in.


Our customers have given us a five star rating because we know that every issue has a solution and we’re on it!

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Recommended Reading

We surveyed over 139 business professionals to learn about their understanding of human capital management and their pain to reveal their top challenges with cross-department collaboration and their most helpful tool integrations.

  • Top challenges businesses battle every day
  • Which non-management teams are the hardest to work with
  • Which methodologies are most embraced

Powerful Analytics

Get real-time visibility into everything your team is working on.
High level metrics that matter and the ability to drill down, create reports and team performance with the push of a button.

Evidential Audit Compliance 91%
Comprehension Audit Compliance 95%
Quality Audit Compliance 99%





New Year Parties

Measured for Success

Statistics are like bikinis. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital.  Aaron Levenstein, Business Professor at Baruch College

Service Packages

Ideal for startup through to enterprise

Based on number of users

  • 1-4
  • 5-19
  • 20-49
  • 50-99
  • 100+
  • SaaS pricing model
  • No contract
  • Pricing excl. gst

  • WSCL*
  • PaT (incl. WSCL)
STOP writing  |  1-1 Traning
Video Production

  • On request
  • Special pricing for customers with 500+ staff
  • *WSQL (Work Safety On-line)
  • 200+ employees, POA

Behind the scenes

Our team maintains an effective mix of development experience and seasoned leadership in order to provide innovative strategies and solutions required to meet the needs of our international client base. Our team relies on unparalleled project management, monitoring and evaluation, information technology, risk management, team management, and stakeholder management experience in order to ensure our clients’ success.

Brad a serial entrepreneur who is first to acknowledge the value of developing high performance Teams. Not able to find a solution in the market which made managing people easy, he founded ``People and Tasks``.

Brad Lindsay


Mike is known for successfully on-boarding hundreds of companies. Will you be next?

Mike Appleton

Account Manager

Hilma is the leader in customer on-boarding and is the go to gal for everything People and Tasks.

Hilma Thieme

Customer Excellence

Mike is the lead developer of People and Tasks.

Mike Perry

Lead Developer


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